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Welcome to the Anti-Nut House

It’s 105 degrees outside, inflation is bonkers, wildfires are roaming the countryside, and most folks find themselves on the Going Nutty Scale slotted somewhere between Quite Nutty and Extremely Nutty. With that in mind I have decided in this blog not to engage in slandering my garden spaces (which oh so deserve a good slandering) as I typically do, but to focus on some of our horticultural bright spots (as rare as they might be) that I have found to be soul-soothing and—hopefully—harbingers of less-nutty tomorrows.

columbine flower
We actually have many healthy columbine plants. I know, it's hard for me to believe, too.

Seeing a ladybug definitely puts the day in the plus column. Did you know ladybugs can live up to 3 years? Sure you did.

A little photo fun here. I was going to look up what these delicate little flowers are before I published this blog, but I forgot. I think they're Platycodon grandiflorus. One of those surprise offerings from our yard that we didn't plant and that just appeared one season and decided to stay.

Bees are all over the alliums. Are they making onion-flavored honey? That doesn't sound marketable.

Camellias. 'Nuff said.

If I was a wee katydid, I'd hang out inside a lily blossom, too.

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Mar 27, 2023

Your daisies look like a watercolor painting. Are you painting now? Beautiful.


Toni DiLeo
Toni DiLeo
Aug 19, 2022

I love that you have a hideaway.


Toni DiLeo
Toni DiLeo
Aug 02, 2022

Lovely photos of your flowers. I have Shasta Daisies also, but they don’t look so brilliantly white as yours do. Beautiful.

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